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Week of Peace through Action-Day 6-Volunteer for Peace

Day 6 of Peace Through Action’s Week of Peace through Action, brings us one day closer to the annual observance of Peace Day this September 21.

Today our focus is “Volunteer for Peace.”

Peace Through Action has been built by volunteers. Our founder relied upon volunteers to help him shape Peace Through Action’s first organization plan. Naturally, our board of directors members are volunteers.

Volunteers offered their talent and time to create our earliest resources, including recordings of our organization prayer and meditation. Still another group of volunteers stepped forward to develop our first wave of public education materials—our “do something” series to help each of us find practical solutions to aggression and violence. (This series will be completed and posted online before the end of 2019.) Currently we have three skills-based volunteers found through Catchafire and Taproot Plus assisting us with completing setup of our accounting system and with online advertising.

Presently, our chief executive officer is a volunteer.

Indeed, Peace Through Action USA is volunteer-built, volunteer-led, and presently volunteer-operated.

Below we identify two of our open opportunities to volunteer for Peace Through Action. Both opportunities require more than one volunteer. So, there is room for more than one of you to join our people team in a voluntary capacity.

Peace Through Action USA Seeks Essay/Blog Post Writers: Share Your Piece, on Peace

Peace Through Action USA seeks volunteers to write essays between 350-500 words length on peace promotion and violence prevention topics. The essays will serve to build empathy and stimulate action taking by essay readers. Also, the essays will contribute to Peace Through Action’s body of resources.

Writers will select their exact essay topic. We anticipate essayists will draw from personal experiences as survivors of, witnesses to or perpetrators of violence; deliver subject matter expertise in a peace promotion or violence prevention topic, or simply share an informed opinion or position on a social or cultural or news development relevant to the Peace Through Action audience at the time of the writing.

Peace Through Action will publish the essays in its enewsletter and website and disseminate them through its social media. We strongly encourage essay writers to amplify their writings through their own networks.

We are looking for 30 writers total for this project, each contributing one essay over the next 18 months (or, two per month through 2020). To volunteer, send a note of interest to people@peacethroughaction.org.

Peace Through Action USA Seeks Information Sheet Writers: Help Others Learn Peaceful Practices to Overcome Aggression and Violence

Peace Through Action USA seeks volunteers to develop information sheets intended to help others learn about interventions, curricula, and programs (we call them “peaceful practices”) to cultivate inner, interpersonal and collective peace (and overcome aggression and violence).

Our “Peaceful Practices” series will be helpful to various customers groups, including K-12 and higher education students looking for source information for papers and presentations and people looking for introductory material on peaceful practices or seeking to teach others in their community.

Peaceful practices to be addressed in the series include meditation, mediation, nonviolent communication, peace education, social and emotional learning, violence interrupters, and many more topics!

Each issue sheet in the series shall be about two-pages single-sided and will include sections on practice summary, appropriate practice settings, evidence of effectiveness, practice history, and referrals to additional sources of information. We provide a template and instructions to follow.

This opportunity may be well-suited for a high school or college student with course or service requirements, an encore volunteer with curiosity, or a working-age adult between jobs or looking for a way to volunteer on their own schedule and from their own location.

This assignment is episodic, has a flexible schedule, and can be done from home.

Volunteer for or share this opportunity with others through VolunteerMatch.


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