Signs of Peace Through Action

Week of Peace through Action–Day 5–Create Peace Part 3

Day five of Peace Through Action’s Week of Peace through Action, our call to action series timed to coincide with the annual observance of Peace Day this September 21, brings us to a third peace agents program collaboration we are ready to announce.

We will be undertaking our third project, Detroit Michigan Community Peace Project, with Brilliant Detroit. We think you’ll be wowed by Brilliant Detroit as you get to know them more, through this collaboration.

Brilliant Detroit uses a unique service delivery model to ensure the long-term success of Detroit’s children. Using Detroit’s underutilized housing stock, Brilliant Detroit establishes early child and family centers in the middle of high-need neighborhoods that coordinate evidence-based education, health, and family support programming for families with kids 0-8.

What great settings for Brilliant Detroit, with help from Peace Through Action, to deliver peace education to young children and peace skills-building training and support to their parents and neighbors! And it’s a great privilege for Peace Through Action to be invited into one of America’s great midwestern cities.

Read the project announcement here.


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