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Peace Through Action USA’s Peace Advisors program matches skills-based volunteers—peace advisors—with U.S. communities experiencing aggression and violence. We identify people with expertise in peaceful practices, community organizing, or organization management who wish to donate a portion of their talent and time to peacebuilding. We place our peace advisors into training and technical assistance positions with our community peace projects. Some of our peace advisors coach or mentor Peace Through Action USA’s peace agents, who lead community peace projects with an organization sponsor.

Our Peace Advisors

Peace Through Action USA welcomes into peace advisor positions peace-seeking adults with expertise in social and emotional skills development, aggression and violence interruption, harm repair, community organizing, or organization management. We screen prospective peace advisors for their motivations, skills, and time availability. Our peace advisors volunteer one-time only in response to a short-term request; occasionally throughout the year to multiple communities; or as a regular contributor to one community peace project. Our peace advisors volunteer in-person or remotely dependent on the activity. We provide these flexibilities to attract skills-based volunteers of all life circumstances.

Peace Advisors Services

Peace advisors deliver capacity-building services and/or direct services to communities and peace agents who are undertaking community peace projects with Peace Through Action USA’s support. The type and amount of services each peace advisor provides their community match depends on the scope and intensity of the community or peace agent’s needs and the advisor’s availability.

Capacity-building services of peace advisors entail providing guidance to others on or doing one or more of the following activities: conducting peaceful practices needs assessments and services gaps analyses; leading planning processes; developing and maintaining coalitions of organizations with common peacebuilding purposes; selecting and introducing culturally-appropriate, evidence-based and promising peaceful practices into the community; and building the funding, promotion, and performance management infrastructures to sustain the practices.

Direct services of peace advisors entail providing guidance to others on or directly: training of community members in social and emotional skills; convening restorative circles and mediation sessions in which community members resolve differences; mentoring youth courts participants; teaching arts to community members; or coaching sport for development teams.

Peace Advisors Program Information Sheet

Do Something Right Away to Increase Peace

Volunteer your time and talent to a peace-seeking community on a one-time, occasional, or ongoing basis through Peace Through Action USA’s Peace Advisors program. Begin by completing our Do Something for Peace Interest Form.

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