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Choose Peaceful Actions!

How might you choose peaceful actions? First, we encourage you to learn about the extent to which aggression and violence between people and groups in their many forms is a grave concern for many Americans.

Then, explore the many practical peaceful solutions available to us to overcome aggression and violence, bridge differences, and foster unity.

Next, choose to undertake one or more peaceful actions within your capability to increase peace in your families, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, places of prayer and worship, and neighborhoods.

Each of us can Do Something!

Resources we offer to help you explore and choose practical peaceful solutions include:

Peace Through Action Events — online or in-person gatherings of youth and adults of all ages to learn about civic and social topics with a focus on peace. Using delivery methods of lecture, film discussion, artistic, or experiential activities, participants are able to gain knowledge on compassionate living, peaceful practices, and social justice concerns.

Do Something about Violence Series — information sheets on various aggression and violence subjects.

Choose Peaceful Practices Series — information sheets on various practical peaceful solutions.

Peaceful Dialogues — events and resources to promote bridging differences through dialogue.

Do Something Right Away to Increase Peace

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