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Our Featured Peacebuilders

Peace Through Action USA’s Featured Peacebuilders initiative is an expression of our belief that all of us can be peacebuilders. Very few of us will reach the heights of Gandhi, King, Malala, or Tutu. But each of us can do something for peace.

It is in that spirit that Peace Through Action uplifts people among us who are taking action to increase peace with whom and where they live, learn, work, play, and pray.

By shining a ray of light on these individuals and groups as Featured Peacebuilders, we seek to impart that there are “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” to be peace, choose peace, create peace — and that anyone can be one of these ordinary/extraordinary people too. Our Featured Peacebuilders provide the social proof!

Please let us know of individuals and groups you wish for us to consider selecting as a Featured Peacebuilder by sending your nominations to promotion@peacethroughaction.org.

Have you been selected as a Featured Peacebuilder and want to know what comes next? Click here to download our FAQ page!

Peace Through Action USA’s Featured Peacebuilders

Roster in formation

Graham Bodie, Listening Champion (Mississippi)

Beverly Braxton, Empathy & Compassion Cultivator (New York)

River Dunavin, Nonviolent Communication Trainer (Pennsylvania)

Judi Ferrara, Mind-Body Medicine Trainer (Maryland)

Cara Fogarty, Social Purpose Sector Consultant (Maryland)

Maryanna Lanham, Dream Queen (Maryland)

Julie Lillie, Peace & Justice Educator (Arizona)

Julie Mallozzi, Filmmaker (Massachusetts)

Christina Miller, Crisis Intervention Specialist (Maryland)

Sara Sharpe, Civility Cultivator (Tennessee)

Sheri Tardio, Community Mediator (Maryland)

Erin Wilkins, Intimate Partner Violence Advocate (Maryland)

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