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Christina Miller

Crisis Intervention Specialist


Peace Through Action has selected Christina Miller as a Featured Peacebuilder because of their work providing crisis de-escalation to youth in the LGBTQIA+ community. Christina has also started a LGBTQIA+ Community Hour at a local coffee shop in Maryland to provide space for community members to feel less alone in their everyday struggles.


Christina is currently a graduate student of Macro Social Work at Salisbury University with a specialization in Social Change and Leadership. They currently work as a crisis intervention specialist working on the new 988 national lifeline and with the Trevor Project. They are a passionate young professional determined to bring a new wave of educated, culturally competent, and trauma-informed care professionals to the mental health field.

Christina hails from central Maryland off of the Chesapeake Bay, and they are dedicated to improving their home state’s resources and services for all disabled individuals, LGBTQIA+ individuals, and survivors of sexual trauma and violence. Christina enjoys kayaking, hiking, bike riding, singing, playing with their cats Nip and Paprika, eating gluten-free food, and being outside doing farming, gardening, and foraging.

Christina completed an internship with Peace Through Action USA in 2023-2024, initially focusing on our current Calvert Peace Project initiatives. Christina told us that they were very grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with Peace Through Action.

Video Interview with Christina Miller

TrevorSpace – a global, free, and confidential social media platform for LGBTQIA+ individuals aged 13-24

Call 988 – the new suicide & crisis hotline

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