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Event | January 18 | Counterspeech

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As the U.S. election approaches, there is a growing possibility of intergroup violence, along with an

Event | November 16 | A Sense of Place

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A Sense of Place: Embracing Native American Peoples commemorates Native American Heritage Month with a virtual

Event | October 26 | Peaceful Cities

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Join us for an engaging virtual learning event titled Peaceful Cities: Local Strategies for Peacebuilding and

Event | October 1 | Third Harmony

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This month we’re doing something a bit different in honor of Pace e Bene’s Campaign Nonviolence

Event | August 31 | Book Censorship

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Peace Through Action USA’s virtual learning event Bound Together: Understanding Book Censorship will explore the relationship between

Signs of Peace Through Action-June 2023

Signs of Peace Through Action-March 2023, our regular newsletter about our activities and resources, is available for download here.
Announcements include

Event | June 29 | Transgender Short Film Festival

Peace Through Action USA’s 2023 Transgender Short Film Festival celebrates Pride Month with a free one-night-only virtual screening of several

Event | May 24 | Upstander Intervention

Step In, Stand Up: Fundamentals of Upstander Intervention is a virtual learning opportunity that will strengthen participants’ ability to identify

AmeriCorps Planning Award Announcement

Peace Through Action USA Receives Federal Award to Plan AmeriCorps Program Focused on Peace!
Peace Through Action USA is pleased to