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Event | August 31 | Book Censorship

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Peace Through Action USA’s virtual learning event Bound Together: Understanding Book Censorship will explore the relationship between public access to literary material and cultivating peaceful communities. This virtual learning event on Thursday, August 31, 2023 from 7:00 – 8:00 pm ET will engage a variety of perspectives on book restrictions in educational and public service contexts. Enriched by reflections from professionals in the field, this interactive discussion will survey the significance of book restrictions in community cohesion, share resources for local initiatives, and share strategies for advocacy, education, and service. Participants will learn methods to build and preserve a culture of peace by promoting diverse modes of knowledge production and social understanding. While the term “book banning” often elicits a range of inflammatory connotations, this session aims to present the issue of public awareness and community bridge-building as fundamental elements of peacebuilding. After attending this event, participants will enhance their understanding of this controversial subject and examine the importance of the freedom to read in service of peace, harmony, and justice.

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Amanda Pullen-McGrath

Date: 8 Aug, 2023

Excited to attend!

Felicia Castiglione

Date: 8 Aug, 2023

Looking forward to this! Thank you for hosting.