Our Services Providers - Peace Through Action USA

Peace Through Action USA extends our gratitude to the following proprietors, companies, and organizations for providing essential services to us on a pro bono or discount basis.

Athena’s Shield is a social venture set on improving the lives of women around the world. Among its services, Athena’s Shield offers strategic planning to nonprofit and local community organizations. Athena’s Shield donated its talent and time to manage the Peace Through Action USA website development project.

Swivt Labs is a company that offers a full suite of development and marketing services to companies and nonprofit organizations. Swivt donated its talent and time to design and develop the Peace Through Action USA website.

The George Washington University  is the largest higher education institution in the District of Columbia with 26,000 students and 14 schools and colleges. Graduate students enrolled in the university’s Trachtenberg School for Public Policy and Public Administration and School of Law provided performance measurement and legal consulting services to Peace Through Action USA.

Vincent Hughes Visualization is a graphic design company. V-Zation donated its talent and time to design the visual brand identity of Peace Through Action USA.

Dan Chadburn  and Tom Nichols are musicians, music recording artists, and producers. Dan and Tom donated their talent and time to producing Peace Through Action’s audio recorded prayer, meditation, and introduction presentation.