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Event | October 26 | Peaceful Cities

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Join us for an engaging virtual learning event titled Peaceful Cities: Local Strategies for Peacebuilding and Nonviolence where we will explore how ordinary people can transform their cities to be more peaceful and connected places. This event features a panel discussion joined by leaders of place-based peacebuilding initiatives and city-wide nonviolent projects throughout the United States. Participants in this virtual learning event will leave with a better understanding of how to create harmony, justice, and positive change in their local areas using a variety of community organizing and bridgebuilding methods. In addition to our national panelists, Peace Through Action USA will discuss how its capstone Calvert Peace Project works to build and nourish a culture of peace through an emphasis on social and civic engagements. This free virtual learning event aims to inspire and incubate a variety of nonviolent approaches that participants can implement right at home.

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