Our Volunteers - Peace Through Action USA

Peace Through Action USA extends our appreciation to the following individuals for assisting us, as discussants and reviewers, in shaping our organization plan.

Grafton Balko, Peace Learning Center*

Suzanne Begin, Begin Now Consulting

Kristen Bennett, Service Year Alliance*

Richard Brown, American Express Philanthropy*

Chris Byner, Boston Centers for Youth and Families*

Amy Cox, Arcadia University IPCR Program*

Geoff Deutsch, Armed Forces Services Corporation*

Neil Donovan

Mel Duncan, Nonviolent Peace Force*

Greg Finch, National Center for Creative Aging*

Iris Goodman

Rob Gordon, Be The Change, Inc.*

Kim Gube, Global Impact*

Emily Hine, Hinesight Consulting*

Richard Hooks-Wayman, Children’s Defense Fund*

Elizabeth Hume, Alliance for Peacebuilding*

Farhat Jillabhoy, Peace First*

Margie Legowski, Peace Corps Alum

Elizabeth Leigh

Joceline Lemaire, Christ the King Catholic Church, Nashville, TN*

Ann-Louise Logan, U.S. Institute of Peace*

Becky Margiotta, Billions Institute*

NJ Mitchell, Independent Artistic Director

Rebecca Myers, The Episcopal Church of the Nativity and St. Stephen, Newport, PA*

Cary Page

Patricia Paluzzi, Healthy Teen Network*

Sharon Riegsecker, AmeriCorps Alum

Jeremy Richman, The Avielle Foundation*

Deborah Shepard, Lutheran Volunteer Corps*

Davis Taylor

Lori Toscano, Cure Violence*

Leanne Valentine

Barbara Van Dahlen, Give an Hour*

Ellen Zavian, George Washington University and EZ Negotiation Institute*

* Organization affiliations for identification purposes only

Peace Through Action USA extends our appreciation to the following individuals for their helpfulness as mission volunteers.

Alba Edén Altabás Llorach (translation)

Sofía Micaela Bazán Carballo (translation)

Harriet Boorhem (writing)

Blaire Bryant (writing)

Chris Castorena (writing)

Josh Cohn (writing)

Shaina Dorrow (writing)

Tracy Eichelberger (writing)

Megan Harsh (translation)

Tess Holtry (writing)

Shumyla Hussain (writing)

Safiya Mojerie (writing)

Meredith McEver (meditation guide, narration)

Samah Rizvi (writing)

Monica Short (writing)

Caryn Viverito (writing)

Caitlin Ward (writing)

Barrett Whitener (narration)