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Do you have knowledge or experience in a practice especially useful for community peacebuilding, such as conflict resolution, mediation, character education, dialogue group facilitation, nonviolent communication, meditation, restorative justice, community arts, or sport for development? Perhaps you have a general desire to give some of your discretionary time toward increasing peace in your community, but are unsure how or where to be most useful? Whichever the case, Peace Through Action USA has a place for you in our #PeaceBeginsWithWe movement.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities with our network of community peace projects, or let us how we might help you fulfill your own volunteer project idea, by completing an engagement interest questionnaire. Engagement Interest Questionnaire-PDF

Peace Advisors Program Information Sheet

Volunteer for Peace Through Action USA

Peace Through Action USA has need for volunteer and intern assistance in mission support areas such as copy writing, copy editing, materials design, blogging, pitching, fundraising, accounting, and governance. Help us on your own time and from your own location!

Mission support volunteer opportunities for which we are currently recruiting include:

Volunteer Position Announcement-Board of Directors Treasurer-PDF

Volunteer Position Description-Board of Directors Treasurer-PDF

Volunteer Position Announcement-Board of Directors Member-PDF

Volunteer Position Description-Board of Directors Member-PDF

Volunteer Position Announcement-Fund Development Adviser-PDF

Volunteer Position Description-Fund Development Adviser-PDF

Volunteer Position Announcement-Writer-PDF

Volunteer Position Description-Writer-PDF

Let us know your interest in a mission support volunteer opportunity (and which one/ones) by sending a message of interest and a summary of your qualifications or resume to people@peacethroughaction.org.

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