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Mission, Vision, and Values Webpage BannerOur Mission

Peace Through Action USA is missioned to achieve peace between people and within communities in the United States of America by promoting caring action.

Our Vision

Peace Through Action USA envisions a nation abundant with peaceful people applying peaceful practices and creating peaceful places.

Our Values

Peace Through Action USA maintains that interpersonal peace is achieved when…

  • Accountability—people honor the commitments they have made to others to act in ways that demonstrate consistent positive behavior. We pledge to be accountable and transparent to our stakeholders, including operating according to the law, our formation documents, and policies, and wisely stewarding the time, talent, and financial resources gifted to us.
  • Community-Centrism—people claim a responsibility for overcoming the aggression and violence that are most proximate to them. There is no universal solution to aggression and violence. We will support the people and communities we reach in identifying, practicing, and sustaining specific solutions that apply best to their unique circumstances.
  • Collaboration—people work together toward the intention of peaceful shared existence for all. We will avail ourselves of knowledge generated by other peacebuilders, share our own expertise and lived experiences with others, and amplify the efforts of people and communities with common purpose to ours.
  • Compassion—people go beyond empathy for others who suffer from or have been harmed by aggression and violence and take action to alleviate suffering and repairing harm. We will practice compassion and encourage its exercise by the people and communities we reach.
  • Equity—people enjoy safe environments and harmonious relationships. Some people and communities experience aggression and violence more than others. We will direct our mission work to people and communities most lacking in peace so that all may benefit from security and comity that peace affords.
  • Excellence—people set expectations of consistent positive and healthy behaviors for themselves and others and live those expectations with integrity. We will promote peaceful practices with known success, apply our best effort toward achieving tangible results, and encourage the same vigor from the people and communities we reach.
  • Inclusion—people are acknowledged for having diverse motivations behind their action-taking and valued for the unique gifts they offer. We will welcome all people and communities to join us in achieving our vision of a nation abundant with peaceful people applying peaceful practices and creating peaceful places.
  • Learning—people possess both the motivation to improve their knowledge on, attitudes about, and skills for practicing peaceful action and the internal and external capacities to make such improvements. We will establish a culture that inspires curiosity and creativity, supports the continued development of our own people, insists upon continuous improvement in our effectiveness, and encourages growth in the people and communities we reach.
  • Tolerance—people adopt a posture of willingness to refrain from criticizing or interfering with others on the basis of difference. We will embrace the full understanding of others as a desired outcome of our mission work, and encourage the people and communities we reach to appreciate that all human beings share a set of universal rights, aspirations, and hopes.
  • Trust—people have confidence that others with whom they interact hold the pure intention of treating them with care, dignity, and fairness. We will prove our own dependability to the people and communities we reach and encourage them to behave reliably in their interpersonal, intragroup, and intergroup relationships.

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