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Uplift Spirits for Peace

Peace Through Action USA invites believers in The Great Mystery (by whichever name known to you) to contemplate, meditate on, or pray for peace.

Ways we suggest for you to uplift spirits for peace include:

Committing to including the success of Peace Through Action USA in your spiritual habit.

Adding yourself or a spiritual/religious group in which you are a part to our roster of peace uplifters by making the Peace Uplifter Pledge.

Using our organization meditation and organization prayer as resources for your personal or group communing with The Great Mystery.

Peace Uplifters Program Information Sheet

Prayer For Peace Through Action

O, Great Mystery, which we know by many names.

Guide me⁠—and all people⁠—to states of tranquillity that make it possible for us to be always well, happy, and at peace.

Equip me⁠—and all people⁠—with values, knowledge, skills, and discipline to continuously choose peace.

Activate me⁠—and all people⁠—through the practices of care, compassion, and love to constantly create peace.

Bless all those who, through their volunteering, service, ministry, and work, build peace.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. Amen. Sadhu. Ameen.

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