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Peace Through Action USA recognizes prayer and meditation as being among the vast array of peaceful practices. We invite people and groups who are called to prayer and/or meditation to help achieve our vision of a nation abundant with peaceful people applying peaceful practices and creating peaceful places—by making the Peace Uplifter Pledge.

The Peace Uplifter Pledge—I/we pledge to direct prayer or meditation toward lifting the spirits of individuals and groups striving to increase peace between people and communities.

Peace Through Action USA welcomes people of all ages and groups to make the Peace Uplifter Pledge. We have no other requirements on peace uplifters other than that they remain steadfast to their pledge. Peace uplifters may pray and/or meditate as best suits their religious or spiritual practices. They may pray or meditate whenever their own spirit calls them or as part of a habit. Peace Uplifters may pray or meditate privately or publicly. They may pray or meditate alone or with others. Fulfill your pledge your own way!

Make the Peace Uplifter Pledge by completing this brief request for information.

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