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Our Donors

Peace Through Action USA extends our gratitude to the following individuals who have given gifts of money to support our mission delivery.

Greta Arnold

Suzanne Begin

Virginia Bradford

Dubbie Buckler

Marilyn Chase

Kitty Clark

Tracy Doyle

Sharon Dreyfuss

Susan Fowler

Susan Galbraith

Iris Goodman

Janet Healy

Rachel Jaffe

Harriette Kinberg

John and Julie Lally

Joceline Lemaire

Catherine Lincoln

Mike McDonnell

Meredith McEver

Patty McGuire

Rebecca Myers

Cary Page

Brad Paul

Virginia Pearson

Meri Pohutsky

Rachelle Reeg

Vicki Rhoades

Michael Ritchie

Bert Rude

Beverly Rude

Sher Sandusky

Chris Savor

Don Sodo

Jennifer Svetlik

Jerome Tennille

Victoria Wagner

Rosie Wentworth

Alison Wessler

Pam Zeutenhorst

Anonymous Donors

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