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Julie Lillie

Peace & Justice Educator, The Peace Pad


Peace Through Action has selected Julie Lillie as a Featured Peacebuilder because of her commitment to advancing peace education.

Julie Lillie is a dynamic peace and justice centered educational consultant with over 15 years of experience in teaching, strategic planning, leadership, coaching and professional learning facilitation. She is also a speaker, content creator and curriculum & digital learning designer.

Co-founder of The Peace Pad, she is dedicated to creating peaceful people and projects and believes peace and justice education is for everyone – at every age and stage of life! Julie centers ‘Five Peace Actions’ and inspires folks world-wide to join together to live and work in alignment for just, positive peace:

  • Seek peace within yourself and others
  • Reach out in service
  • Protect the environment
  • Respect diversity
  • Be a responsible citizen of the world

These ‘Five Peace Actions’ also serve at the framework for her forthcoming professional learning book for elementary educators, leaders and leaders. Co-written with Dr. Carey Seeley with an anticipated release by Routledge in summer 2024, this book is encircled with hope, empowerment, culturally relevant pedagogy and trauma informed care.

Believing deeply in the power of our collective action, Julie is highly collaborative and promotes peace, nonviolence and wellbeing in partnership with people and organizations. For example, she is a partner with Cities4Peace to inspire change and to build the capacity of community members and leaders across all sectors of society with an emphasis on inner peace, nonviolence and mindful leadership.

Additionally, Julie reaches out in service as an organizer and co-lead in the Weave: The Social Fabric at The Aspen Institute topic group. The vision for this online peer learning community is to deepen our individual & collective healing, growth and impact as we weave for peace and justice.

Julie is also a co-lead for a project with Education for Global Peace called The PeacEd Gateway. This is a global movement & collective uniting early childhood and K-12 educational institutions and settings, educators, students and organizational partners with a common vision, meaning and purpose to mainstream peace education.

Video Interview with Julie Lillie

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