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Image of Featured Peacebuilder-Judi FerraraJudi Ferrara

Mind-Body Medicine Trainer


Peace Through Action has selected Judi Ferrara as a Featured Peacebuilder because of her dedication and enthusiasm in introducing mind-body medicine skills into the college community in which she works and the wider community the college serves.



Judi Ferrara is the Director of Adult and Community Education at the College of Southern Maryland and has held various positions for the past 22 years. Judi is responsible for leading a team of professionals in the adult education and personal enrichment program areas in the School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development within the Division of Learning.

Judi’s passion lies in wellness education and sharing her love of practicing self-care with young people and adults to enrich and transform their lives. She has completed practical and advanced training in mind-body medicine through the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC. She now puts her training into practice at the College of Southern Maryland and the wider Calvert County community.

Judi holds a Bachelor of Science from California University of Pennsylvania and is proud to be an alumnus of the College of Southern Maryland.

Video Interview with Judi Ferrara

Peace Through Action Holistic Well-Being Event | Judi Ferrara, Presenter

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