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Sara Sharpe

Civility Cultivator


Peace Through Action has selected Sara Sharpe as a Featured Peacebuilder because of her work to encourage civility through storytelling and deep listening.


Sara is the creator of the Letters Project, a collection of love letters written across the aisle. Sara, the founder of both Festive Evolution and STILL/WILD, is also an award-winning actress, writer, coach, and social entrepreneur from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Festive Evolution proudly presents Sara’s documentary/docudrama FAIRVIEW: An American Conversation, a film and stage production attempting to reconcile liberal and conservative residents of a rural Tennessee town.

​Sara is the former Artistic Director and co-founder of the former BroadAxe Theatre (Best New Theatre Company, 2001 Nashville Scene), Nashville’s most political theatre, and one which joins the long tradition of popular theatres working to unravel and express the root causes of social and political ills.

Sara is also the co-author – along with playwright Christine Mather – of  “Voices of Nashville,” a play, commissioned by the Tennessee Women’s Theatre Project, which explores the experience of immigrants in our region.

From there, Sara went to the Nashville Public Defender’s Office where she served as Communication Coordinator. During her tenure there, Sara designed and executed the DEFEND NASHVILLE campaign as a way of educating Nashvillians about myriad injustices plaguing the criminal justice system.​

Sara has recently moved home to Chattanooga, TN where she lives with her husband, Jim.

Video Interview with Sara

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