Signs of Peace Through Action

Week of Peace through Action-Day 1-Be Peace

On this first day of our Week of Peace through Action, Peace Through Action USA encourages you to “Be Peace,” that is to concentrate on learning and practicing personal behaviors that increase care for oneself and attentiveness to and action for the well-being of others.

To provide you a sense of the importance that Peace Through Action places on the “Be Peace” principle, we direct you to our Uplift Spirits for Peace page.

At this page, we invite believers in The Great Mystery (by whichever name known to you) to contemplate, meditate on, or pray for peace.

There you will find our prayer for peace through action and a meditation on peace through action.

We’re rather proud of this brief body of work. After all, how many other not faith-explicit charitable organizations do you know to have an organization prayer and organization meditation!

We invite you to add our prayer and meditation on peace through action into your personal peace practices. If you hold regular or episodic responsibility for planning group worship, prayer, or reflection, please use these resources as you desire.

Please let us know (inbox@peacethroughaction.org) how you use these resources as enhancements to your action-taking for peace as prayers, contemplators, and reflectors. It helps us to know how our followers and friends are applying the resources we offer.

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