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Our GivingTuesday Appeal for Peace

Peace Through Action USA makes our GivingTuesday appeal for peace. We invite you to give a gift of money for peace this season, commencing with the global day for generosity, #GivingTuesday, this November 29. You have infinite choices available for your charitable gifts. We hope that Peace Through Action will be among them. After all, […]

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Signs of Peace Through Action-November 2022
On: Nov 28, 2022
By: Peace Through Action USA

The November 2022 issue of Signs of Peace Through Action, our newsletter about our activities and resources, is available for download here. Announcements include our #GivingTuesday appeal, December 19 virtual learning event on restorative justice, featured peacebuilder Julie Mallozzi, and more. Want to receive our newsletter by email? Sign up here. Do Something Right Away […]

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