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Our GivingTuesday Appeal for Peace

Peace Through Action USA makes our GivingTuesday appeal for peace. We invite you to give a gift of money for peace this season, commencing with the global day for generosity, #GivingTuesday, this November 29.

You have infinite choices available for your charitable gifts. We hope that Peace Through Action will be among them. After all, #PeaceBeginsWithWe, and the “We” includes YOU.

In 2021-2022 we delivered eight online learning events on subjects such as civic dialogues, nonviolent communication, and transformative listening; held discussions on five books on topics including compassion and social cohesion; and commenced a demonstration of our community peace project model program in Calvert County, Maryland.

Your gift of money will allow us to increase online advertising of our virtual learning events available to Americans nationwide. We desire to reach more people who, like you, want to #DoSomethingForPeace, and just need more information how. Surely you agree that our nation would benefit from more people practicing peace with others. Your gift will make that possible!

We welcome your gift, at whatever amount comfortable for you, on #GivingTuesday or any day. We accept gifts of money online and through other methods.

Thank you for considering this invitation to give to Peace Through Action so that together, We may increase peace, through action, here at home.

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