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I Can Imagine: A Call for White People to Undo Racism

Bob Reeg, on the subject of undoing racism My social media continues to fill with news stories, quotes from history, and outrage posts about the most recent series of high-profile state and citizen violence against people of African American race—say their names: Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Armery, Christopher Cooper—and the demonstrations that have ensued […]

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Reflection: A Daily March against Racism
On: Aug 12, 2017
By: Peace Through Action USA

My social media feed filled with reaction to a Unite the Right gathering and march in #Charlottesville organized by white supremacists. I have a pretty one-sided social network, so messages ranged from anguish over the one life lost and 19 others injured Saturday when one person used his car as a weapon; to telling observations […]

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