Signs of Peace Through Action

Calvert Peace Project Announced

Peace Through Action USA is pleased to announce that earlier this year we received a major cash award to enable us to initiate the Calvert Peace Project, our first community peace project. Community peace projects are our signature intensive mission delivery strategy. Through these projects we seek to build capacity of communities to develop and deliver asset-focused social and civic engagement supports and opportunities to their members.

Our first community peace project is taking place in southern Maryland. The Calvert Peace Project will increase understanding, collaboration, and community among youth and adults in Calvert County, Maryland by providing civic and social engagement activities with a focus on peace. Our local partner organization, to whom we are most grateful, is Broadview Church.

We have an exciting and ambitious array of civic and social engagement activities and events on the horizon. We will extend some of those activities virtually to people outside southern Maryland.

Moreover, we are using this first community peace project to refine our concept and develop the tools and materials for peace project expansion elsewhere. Perhaps we can come to a community near you! (Seriously, if this perks your interest, send a note to ceo@peacethroughaction.org.)