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Program Summary

Peace Through Action USA’s Peace Agents program supplies compensated servant leaders—peace agents—to U.S. communities seeking greater interpersonal peace. We serve as an intermediary—recruiting, screening, and matching people who wish to focus on peacebuilding to organizations that seek to increase peace between people and groups in their communities. Peace Through Action USA raises funds for and supervises our peace agents to lower barriers to human resources that community organizations face. Our peace agents lead community peace projects.

Currently, we have a community peace project underway in Calvert County, Maryland.

Our Peace Agents

Peace Through Action USA welcomes as applicants for peace agent positions any willing American with at least a high school diploma or equivalent, aged 18 and older, and a desire to serve for peace. We screen applicants for their motivations, qualifications, and skills. Our peace agents serve over a medium- to long-term period. Some serve a full-time, full-year term. Others serve partial-time. We provide peace agents a wage to help them meet basic needs while serving.

Peace Agents Services

Peace agents deliver capacity-building services and/or direct services to communities who request our presence with them in their peacebuilding work. The specific services each peace agent provides their community match depends on its needs and the agent’s own skills set.

Capacity-building services include conducting peaceful practices needs assessments and services gaps analyses; leading planning processes; developing and maintaining coalitions of organizations with common peacebuilding purposes; selecting and introducing culturally-appropriate, evidence-based and promising peaceful practices into the community; identifying trainers for teaching the practices; recruiting community members to learn the practices; and building the funding, promotion, and performance management infrastructures to sustain the practices.

Direct services include training community members in social and emotional skills; convening restorative circles and mediation sessions in which community members resolve differences; organizing neighborhood volunteering opportunities; and serving as neighborhood watch leaders, home visitors, youth courts leaders, community arts leaders, or sport for development leaders.

Peace Agents Program Information Sheet

Do Something

Serve a term of full-time or partial-time paid national service through Peace Through Action USA’s Peace Agents program. Apply or review our Frequently Asked Questions from peace agents here.

Sponsor a community peace project and host a Peace Through Action USA peace agent. Apply or review our Frequently Asked Questions from community peace project sponsors here.

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