Signs of Peace Through Action

What’s Currently Giving Me Hope for Peace
Aug 9, 2022

By Bob Reeg

Peace Through Action USA has just concluded a hiring process, for our first programs director. One can learn a lot about one’s organization when hiring. How do people perceive us? Do we strike people as an active organization (spoiler alert, we are!) or just one that exists on paper? How sufficient is our website content at explaining our purpose? And what is motivating people to want to become part of our people force in the first place?

We had a decent volume of response to our position announcement. More than I expected. An embarrassment of riches, truly.

Here’s what some of the applicants had to say about their motivation to work, through us, to increase domestic peace. (Quotes are not attributed to protect the job-seeking).

“The cultural shifts that have swept the country have changed how I approach my job. I never thought [my workplace] would be affected by modern happenings. Greater local conflicts, however, forced me to learn more … about de-escalation, community engagement, and bias…. and has sparked my passion for learning about and training others on these topics.”

“Events of the last few years have sparked within me a sense of urgency to scale up my impact on society and shift my professional energy to promoting peace and reducing violence.”

I want “to use my education and experience towards some form of public service…. I would love to be involved with a non-profit that is actively working to working to reduce all types of different forms of violence.”

“More than at any point in our collective history, our nation and its discourse must develop successful strategies to hear one another and achieve peaceful outcomes that respect the rights and dignity of all human beings.”

I feel “compelled to do something about the state of violence in our nation. Both in its overt and insidious ways: rooted in social class, political will, self-defeating policies and laws, and institutionalized racism.”

“I’ve had enough. I want to take action, become an advocate for peace. I want to join an organization that combats hate, fear, ignorance, intolerance, inflammatory misinformation, and disinformation.”

“I want to be an agent of large-scale change and spread philosophies of nonviolence and reform that can restore our society to a more peaceful, just state.”

“To me, the only way through the endless, constant, struggles of injustice, despair, conflict, and pain is through showing up for ourselves and our community.”

“I choose peace. I believe peace can be achieved, but like all things, it needs to be taught and re-taught.”

“I hope to hold a role my daughter can look up to and be proud of. I think she would be incredibly proud growing up to have a father who builds and directs spaces for peaceful processes to succeed and scale nationally.”

I also am incredibly proud. Incredibly proud that these and other applicants consider Peace Through Action a worthy vehicle for achieving their dreams of a more peaceful society.

Dear readers, I can assure you, there is a people force for peace in our midst! That’s what’s currently giving me hope for peace… and what gives me hope for Peace Through Action.

Bob Reeg is the chief executive officer and founder of Peace Through Action USA.

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