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We Have Values Yes We Do

By Bob Reeg, Chief Executive Officer, Peace Through Action USA

Did you know that Peace Through Action USA has a statement of values? Oh, surely you must. They are standard fare for organizations. They are one of the first things our board of directors developed early in Peace Through Action’s formation.

Our board of directors took its assignment seriously. What beliefs did our nascent organization wish to embed in our DNA. To what principles did we wish to hold ourselves and were we willing to be held by others. What behaviors would propel us to reach our vision.

The values we embrace: accountability, community-centrism, collaboration, compassion, equity, excellence, inclusion, learning, tolerance, and trust.

We constructed our values in a two-fold manner. They are the principles we believe to be essential to the achievement of interpersonal peace. Figuring if these principles were the essential elements for peace, then so they must also be the core values upon which Peace Through Action should rely.

And we do rely upon them! An example. Presently, we are using our values to shape our monthly activities and content. For example, in the month of November we are uplifting the value of learning. And what better way to apply that value than to announce two new learning resources, our Peaceful Readers Book Club and our Peaceful Speakers events.

We don’t plan to be so explicit in publicly naming our featured value each and every month. That feels a bit much. I assure you that we will be developing activities and disseminating fresh content that uplifts our values. We invite you to monitor our fidelity to our intention to impart the values we believe are essential to achieving interpersonal peace.

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