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Beverly Braxton

Empathy & Compassion Cultivator

New York

Peace Through Action has selected Beverly Braxton as a Featured Peacebuilder because of her work to cultivate empathy and compassion within her community through dialogue training, storytelling, mental health promotion, and youth empowerment.


Beverly Braxton, founder and director of We the People Warwick, has been a resident of Warwick, New York since 1973. She is a former educational leader who, throughout her 30 years as a lead teacher in the Warwick Valley Central School District’s Partners in Education (PIE) Program, received numerous teaching awards and honors. After 9/11, her third and fourth graders designed the Sanfordville Peace Wall memorial, a 60-foot diameter circular wall monument to peace which Beverly helped bring to fruition. Since her retirement in 2010, she has become a community advocate working on behalf of all Warwick residents. In 2014, Beverly founded Family Central NY an all-volunteer, non-profit, grassroots parenting support network that provides parenting information, resources, and workshops.

Beverly launched the all-volunteer, grassroots organization We the People Warwick (WTPW) in 2021 to address the civic health of the Warwick community and to plant seeds of hope. The mission of WTPW is to foster dialogue, greater understanding, and common ground among all people of Warwick, ensuring that every person feels welcomed, heard, and supported in the town they all love.

Video Interview with Beverly Braxton

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