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Job Opportunity in Calvert County, Maryland!

Job Opportunity in Calvert County, Maryland!

Peace Through Action USA is pleased to announce a new job in Calvert County, Maryland. We seek a motivated, engaging, and dependable employee who will contribute to the development and delivery of civic and social engagement projects for youth and adults in the county.

Peace Through Action USA activates and equips Americans to implement practical peaceful solutions to aggression and violence in their communities and in our country. We are a national-scope civic and social capital-building nonprofit organization.

We encourage people living or working in or having a connection to Southern Maryland to apply for this job opportunity in Calvert County. An employer of national service, we encourage alums of AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other national service programs, U.S. veterans, and people with public service experience to apply.

The pay range for this full-time position is between $25.65 and $28.20 gross per hour. The employment opportunity has a fixed term of 365 days commencing the first date of hire and is an at-will position.

The position announcement with application instructions is available here.