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Serve as a Peace Agent with a Community Peace Project

Are you exhausted by all the hurt and hate? Do you wish there was greater harmony between people where you live, learn, work, play or pray? Are you at a stage of life when you can “go big” to improve the social climate of your own community or elsewhere in the United States? If yes, please consider a term of full-time or partial-time paid national service through our Peace Agents Program. Learn more or Apply. Peace Agent Application-PDF

Sponsor a Community Peace Project

Is your community struggling with aggression or violence among community members or between groups? Do you desire greater harmony in the communities where you live, learn, work, play or pray? Are you wanting to do something for your community but need extra hearts and hands? Do you lead or belong to an organization that might host a servant leader or volunteers? If yes, learn how Peace Through Action USA’s innovative Peace Agents Program could help increase peace in your community. If you are ready to get started apply now to sponsor a community peace project. Community Peace Project Sponsor Application

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Give money to help us pay the wage of an American offering to serve a year as a peace agent with one of our community peace projects

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