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What, why, and how we communicate influences the thoughts, feelings, and actions of those to, with, or about whom we are communicating, as well as the social-ecological system we all share. Our verbal and nonverbal communications can be aggressive, neutral, or peaceful in style, with corresponding negative, neutral, or positive effects. Peace Through Action USA invites all people to commit to communicating peacefully—by making The Peaceful Communicator Pledge.

The Peaceful Communicator Pledge—I pledge to consistently communicate peacefully, that is in a style that demonstrates compassion, decency, kindness, respect, and tolerance toward others. Further, I pledge to refrain from communications that cause harm or that amplify the aggressive communications of others.

Peace Through Action USA welcomes people of all ages to make The Peaceful Communicator Pledge. We have no other requirements on peaceful communicators other than that they remain steadfast to their pledge. We challenge peaceful communicators to observe their pledge in all forms and channels of communication. Further, we challenge peaceful communicators to observe their pledge with all subjects of their communication whether that be children, parents, intimate partners, classmates, teachers, students, colleagues, employees, friends, public officials, authority figures, or strangers.

Make The Peaceful Communicator Pledge by completing this brief request for information.

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