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Join our Peaceful Leaders Youth Group in Calvert County, Maryland!

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Activity Profile   

Brief Description: Peaceful Leaders develops high school-aged youth into community peacebuilders and leaders by providing them a sequence of learning and action activities on social and emotional development, peaceful practices, and civic engagement.

Purpose: Prepare youth to be 21st century servant leaders through learning and application of social and emotional development, peacebuilding, and civic engagement skills.

Intended Participants:

  • High school-aged youth (in-school or out-of-school youth ages 15 through 18)
  • Youth interested in social justice and peacebuilding
  • Youth interested in learning how to take action in their communities
  • Youth ready to commit to being part of a peer learning group for at least one week.

Detailed Description:

Peaceful Leaders prepares youth for peacebuilding roles in their communities, campuses, and careers. At its foundation, the program teaches youth skills in social and emotional development, peaceful practices, and civic engagement.

The program’s target population is in-school and out-of-school youth ages 15 through 18. Ideal youth participants will enter the program interested in learning more about peacebuilding and how to effectively address injustice they see in the world.

Peaceful Leaders’ sequence of learning and action activities will center around the following values: learning; compassion; trust; listening; collaboration; community centrism; diversity, equity, and inclusion; justice; and action. Each session will include a mindfulness exercise; restorative circle on a contemporary social or civic topic; a lesson around the “value of the month”; a lesson and games to teach a peaceful practice; and time for participants to practice new skills or reflect on what they are learning through arts creation or journaling. The session will blend and employ various types of teaching methods, such as learner-centered, content-focused, interactive/participatory, and will include discussions and practice.

Initially, we will offer Peaceful Leaders as a week-long summer experience. Peaceful Leaders could include year-round activities such as youth-developed and planned service projects, youth-led civic dialogues with their peers, and youth leadership in an advocacy event with a local decision-making body.

Over the course of the program, participants will learn more about themselves, others, and how to effectively communicate with and lead others in their homes, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and faith places.

Peaceful Leaders will challenge youth to contemplate how they wish to carry their newly acquired knowledge, skills, and experience into their futures. The program will equip participants with resources they can use to deliver various program activities in their future settings such as their campuses or workplaces. The program will invite alums to serve as mentors to youth engaged in the program in subsequent years.

The first Peaceful Leaders group will meet for a summer experience July 18-23, 2022.  The group will meet daily from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at Calvert Library Prince Fredrick. We will not charge a registration fee. We will provide lunches.

Performance Measures:

We expect that participants will experience increases in their commitment to future peaceful behavior and confidence in their ability to practice such behaviors. We will measure for these performance goals using surveys and qualitative interviews.

We will strive to recruit at least 20 youth into the program and retain at least 15 of them through the full sequence of learning and action activities. We will measure for these performance targets through attendance documentation.

Also, as this is a new program for the Calvert Peace Project, we will continuously invite participants to provide assessment of the program’s structure, content, and logistics.

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