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Bravery in Motion: Women’s History and Future Beyond Violence | Thursday, March 27, 2023

Peace Through Action USA held a virtual learning event in honor of Women’s History Month. The event took place Thursday, March 27, 2023.

Event Description

Bravery in Motion: Women’s History and Future Beyond Violence honored Women’s History Month through a virtual learning event to refine public awareness of violence against women with an attention to the past, present, and future of women’s empowerment. In this collaborative community discussion, participants explored a broad range of topics related to the subject of violence against women, including community support networks, grassroots resistance efforts, and public policy advancements.

To situate the contemporary state of women’s affairs in the historical legacy of women’s activism, Joan Winship, chair of the Calvert County, Maryland Commission for Women, shared information about the effects and influences of violence against women alongside reflections from her professional work. While Joan Winship’s work on the local level with the Calvert County Commission for Women provided valuable insight into the process of local community peacebuilding, her former position as the executive director for the International Association of Women Judges informed our learning event with a rich understanding of the nuanced ecosystem of human rights institutions and programs that serve women experiencing violence. Participants deepened their understanding of Women’s History, explore practical, peaceful solutions to violence against women today, and discover hopeful possibilities for the future.

Presenter Biography

Joan Winship is the Chair of the Calvert County Commission for Women. Before her retirement, Joan operated as the Executive Director for the International Association of Women Judges and continues to work as an International Consultant in both public and private arenas. Joan brought to this speaking event a firsthand understanding of the international lattice of organizations and local efforts that serve women experiencing violence. Her depth of experience spans the globe and bears witness to both advancements and regressions in public policy that affect women’s legal protection from violence. Although Joan’s work engages a broad range of international settings, her notable contributions to her local community in Calvert County, Maryland provided actionable insights for individuals seeking to take action in their local areas.

Learning Resources

Resources and Services in Calvert County, Maryland

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