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What is Early Warning, Early Action?

Early Warning, Early Action, also known as EWEA, is a system that picks up signals that violence may be brewing in a particular time and place and communicates those signals to persons who may be able to mitigate or prevent the violence.[1]

[1] The TRUST Network. (n.d.). FAQs. https://www.thetrustnetwork.net/faqs-and-stories.

How do people learn Early Warning, Early Action?

Individuals, who act as responders, are trained in a range of skills including, but not limited to, unarmed civilian protection, de-escalation strategies, building safety teams, and facilitating difficult dialogues.[2] For information on trainings or how to sign up as a Community Monitor, click here.

 [2] The TRUST Network. (n.d.). Our Vision and Mission. https://www.thetrustnetwork.net/about-us.

How do people implement Early Warning, Early Action?

Individuals trained to send information about rising tension and violence notify a central hub, which then alerts responders. These responders should be trusted members of their community that others are comfortable looking to for guidance and leadership.[3]

[3] The TRUST Network. (n.d.). FAQs. https://www.thetrustnetwork.net/faqs-and-stories.

For what types of circumstances is Early Warning, Early Action suited?

EWEA systems are suited for responding to crises such as natural disasters or national conflicts, but they are also important to develop in times of peace so as to help communities be prepared before disaster strikes.

Does Early Warning, Early Action work for preventing or controlling aggression or violence?

At a local level, EWEA has proven effective in preventing violence in multiple countries going through complex social upheaval.[4]

[4] Ibid.

Where else might I go to learn more about Early Warning, Early Action?

Information Sheet-Choose-Early Warning (PDF)

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