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Racial Trauma Explored in The Big Conversation
Sep 20, 2022

by Chris Walonski Participating in southern Maryland’s “The Big Conversation 2022–Living and Coping with Trauma: The Unseen Force” provided me with the special opportunity to reflect on my personal relationship to racial trauma and the systems that derive benefit from racism. The Partners for Dismantling Racism in Southern Maryland opened the event with brief presentations […]

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Promoting Racial Healing: Recommendations of a Dispute Resolution Practitioner
On: Jan 21, 2020
By: Peace Through Action USA

David T. Deal, on the subject of racial healing As a trained, certified, and practicing mediator and restorative justice facilitator, I see myriad opportunities for promoting racial healing on a case-by-case basis. Both mediation and restorative justice processes subordinate any impulse for a person, group, or institution to fully decide for a subject what needs […]

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Reflection: A Daily March against Racism
On: Aug 12, 2017
By: Peace Through Action USA

My social media feed filled with reaction to a Unite the Right gathering and march in #Charlottesville organized by white supremacists. I have a pretty one-sided social network, so messages ranged from anguish over the one life lost and 19 others injured Saturday when one person used his car as a weapon; to telling observations […]

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