We shall overcome racism by #UnitingOurHands for action.

#UnitingOurHands is Peace Through Action USA’s contribution to the ongoing effort to overcome racism and achieve racial equality in the United States. We announced #UnitingOurHands on September 21, 2017, the annual observance of Peace Day. Read our announcement here.

We invite all who desire to increase peace between people and groups of differing races and ethnicities to join us in #UnitingOurHands for action.

Ways to Join Us in #UnitingOurHands for Action

  • Show and tell others that you will do your part to overcome racism. Share your own #UnitingOurHands image and message through your social media or use one of our #UnitingOurHands images and sample messages.
  • Give a gift of money to power us to recruit and support Americans willing to focus a service year on increasing interracial peace in their communities.
  • Learn more about solutions to racism by reading this information sheet.
  • Read our CEO’s reflection on racism following the White supremacy march in Charlottesville in August 2017.
  • Offer to serve a year on a community peace project focused on overcoming racism. We can help you design your own service year and develop a fundraising plan to support your service.
  • Sponsor a community peace project focused on overcoming racism and host a full-year servant leader to execute it with you.
  • Follow our progress by signing up for our e-news.
  • Pray for or meditate on the overcoming of racism in the United States and globally.

#UnitingOurHands Information Sheet