Our Logo

The Peace Through Action USA logo is comprised of a logotype and a graphic mark.

The organization’s name is set in Firas Heavy, a font type noted for being “very geometric and bold with very high level of contrast.” The words “Peace” and “Action” are given equal weight, representative of the equal importance the organization places on activities (action) to achieve outcomes (peace). An exclamation point replaces the “i” of “Action.” The exclamation point is the internationally recognized symbol for action.

The graphic mark continues the theme of the exclamation point presented in the logotype. The mark arranges six exclamation points in a circle. The three “upside down” exclamation points beginning with the bright green and concluding with the purple take on the appearance of abstracted human figures. The three “downside up” exclamation points beginning with the red and concluding with the gold represent action. Their circular flow, clockwise beginning with green, represents the continuous cycle of action that Peace Through Action USA seeks to generate, with people (the upside-down exclamation points) taking actions (the downside up exclamation points), leading to more people taking more actions, ultimately leading to peace.

The colors of the exclamation points represent various moods that Peace Through Action USA seeks to cultivate and inspire, including bright green for growth, turquoise for calm, purple for dignity, red for energy, orange for joy, and gold for illumination.

Overall, the arrangement and positioning of the six exclamation points lends to the graphic mark taking the shape of a hexagram. The hexagram holds symbolism in many religions and cultures, including balance or “harmonious embrace” in Asian religions and creation in Christianity.

The edge of the graphic mark, comprised of six black elements and the color “tips” of six exclamation points, takes the shape of a 12-leaf lotus flower. The lotus flower represents Anahata, or the heart (unconditional love) chakra of Asian religions.

Independent graphic designer Vincent Hughes designed the Peace Through Action USA logo. We remain grateful to Vincent for his gifts of talent and time to develop our visual brand.

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