Detroit Michigan Community Peace Project - Peace Through Action USA

Project Overview

Community: Detroit, Michigan

Sponsor:  Brilliant Detroit

Status: Fund Development

Give online (bit.ly/peacegivedetroit) or Text “Give” to 202-410-0372

Subject Areas of Focus: Abuse, Bullying, Harassment

Practical Peaceful Solutions: Mindfulness Practices, Nonviolent Communication, Peace Education

Project Story

In 2016, Brilliant Detroit formed with a unique service delivery model to ensure the long-term success of Detroit’s children. Using Detroit’s underutilized housing stock, Brilliant Detroit establishes early child and family centers in the middle of high-need neighborhoods that coordinate evidence-based education, health, and family support programming for families with kids 0-8. All of this is done “with, for and by” the families, prioritizing their input every step of the way, to ensure community leadership of the whole effort. Today, seven (soon to be 11) Brilliant Detroit homes provide holistic services to over 4,700 children and their caregivers.

Brilliant Detroit families have identified the presence of aggression and violence in their homes and neighborhoods as a barrier to kid success. They have encouraged Brilliant Detroit to add peacebuilding activities to their community offerings, such as compassion cultivation, mindfulness, and peaceful communication.

Brilliant Detroit wishes to respond to their families’ requests. However, adding such community offerings takes new resources, including both people and money.

Enter Peace Through Action USA. Peace Through Action USA will assign a national service participant to Brilliant Detroit. The peace agent will help Brilliant Detroit add peace education and skills building activities for children and families to their portfolio of community offerings.

Project Activities

  • Assess Brilliant Detroit family experiences with aggression and violence and their preferences for peaceful practices education and skill building.
  • Develop plan, including identification of skills-based volunteers, to introduce peaceful practices activities into Brilliant Detroit portfolio of community offerings.
  • Organize and coordinate delivery of training and ongoing support in peaceful practices sought by Brilliant Detroit families.

Project Target Impacts

Peace Through Action USA will measure impact of the Detroit, Michigan Community Peace Project by tracking and reporting the following:

  • Number of volunteers recruited to deliver peaceful practices education and skills trainings
  • Number of peaceful practices education and skills training events held
  • Number of attendees at peaceful practices skills training events
  • Changes in community member peace knowledge, attitudes, skills, or practices resulting from attendance at organization events

What You Can Do to Support the Detroit, Michigan Community Peace Project

  • Give a financial donation to support the project online (bit.ly/peacegivedetroit) or by texting “Give” to 202-410.0372.
  • Engage with Brilliant Detroit on Facebook (facebook.com/brilliantdetroit) and track our accomplishments and activities in Detroit and elsewhere by subscribing to Brilliant Detroit’s newsletter (brilliantdetroit.org) and Peace Through Action’s e-news (peacethroughaction.org/dosomething/engage/).
  • Volunteer your talent and time toward Brilliant Detroit here (brilliantdetroit.galaxydigital.com/).
  • Promote your support for the Detroit Community Peace Project and encourage your friends and family to join you. Suggested messages here (bit.ly/peaceactdetroitpromo).
  • Uplift the spirits of people working toward peace in Detroit through prayer, meditation, and healing (peacethroughaction.org/dosomething/uplift/).

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