Kaycee Bunch - Peace Through Action USA

Kaycee Bunch, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, is a board of directors member with Peace Through Action USA. Kaycee is an independent consultant focused on community development and grant writing. Kaycee previously worked as an economic development coordinator with the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce. In that position, Kaycee supported over one hundred industry-related businesses by providing liaison services in relation to workforce development, expansion needs, and client-based services. Kaycee served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda and as an AmeriCorps member with the International Center of Kentucky. Kaycee holds a bachelor of arts from Western Kentucky University and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in applied community development.

Kaycee expresses her motivation to serve Peace Through Action USA as follows: “I thoroughly enjoy working with people who want to spread peace and positivity around our country and the world. As a board member, I hope to continue to uplift communities around the United States by equipping volunteers and supporters with sustainable solutions to communal issues. I also hope to learn and grow with every “activated” community, one step at a time.”