Sarah Wallace - Peace Through Action USA

Image-Sarah WallaceSarah Wallace, of Washington, District of Columbia, is a director of Peace Through Action USA. Sarah brings to this mission leadership position a history of valued foreign policy experience and a significant time abroad, studying cultural competency to learn how to diversify her approach to different cultures to ensure that she communicates in a meaningful and peaceful way. These studies have shown her how diverse individuals are and the thoughtfulness required to interact with each person.

Sarah works as an executive at Portland Public Relations, working to support United States allies in foreign policy consultation and public relations to strengthen all international bodies’ capabilities toward peace and security.  Sarah is a graduate of the Peace Corps Prep Program. She is an active volunteer with “Pandemic Packs,” a charity she created alongside the Peace Corps Prep Program to provide hygiene products to people experiencing homelessness in Morgantown, West Virginia. Sarah is an active member of the executive board of the American Cancer Society’s “Real Mean Wear Pink” campaign.

Sarah holds a Bachelors of Arts in international studies, a Bachelor of Arts in political science, with an emphasis in international security and diplomacy, and a minor in French from West Virginia University. She is pursuing a Master of Arts in international relations with a concentration in foreign policy and national security from American University.

Sarah is motivated to serve Peace Through Action USA by bringing her skillset in public relations, policy consultation, and peace studies in order to make a difference within U.S. communities, and thus our world.