Engagement Interest Questionnaire - Peace Through Action USA

Peace Through Action USA invites ALL to join our #PeaceBeginsWithWe movement. WE will become a more peaceful nation only when each of US does our part to make it so. Join us in achieving peace, through action!

We have assembled a variety of opportunities to meet people’s varying interests and time availabilities. Visit the Participate section our website, www.PeaceThroughAction.org, to explore our range of engagement opportunities. After reviewing your options, complete and submit this engagement interest questionnaire to let us know how you wish to participate with us. A member of our team will review your response and then contact you to get started.

Many of the fields in this information collection are not required. If you are not ready to share certain information yet, not to worry. Submit your questionnaire with as much information as you wish. We will reach back to you if we do need an information item to match you to a specific engagement type.