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Our Challenge

The United States of America has a peace deficit. We are a nation with too many hurting people due to negative behaviors among us ranging from coarse civil discourse to microaggression to violent crime.

Aggression and violence are preventable. Moreover, there is a wide array of practical solutions available for people to resist aggression and violence and instead choose peace.

Peaceful practices are people practices. They work only when people understand, choose, implement, and sustain them. Unfortunately, too few of us regularly and consistently put peaceful practices into practice. Essentially then, we have a peaceful people deficit.

Our Solution

Peace Through Action USA reduces the peaceful people deficit by activating and equipping Americans to implement practical peaceful solutions to aggression and violence in their communities and our country.

Our Call to Action–Do Something!

Peace Through Action USA encourages YOU to DO SOMETHING to increase peace where you live, learn, work, play, and pray. Join our #PeaceBeginsWithWe movement and take one or more of the action opportunities we offer:

Learn About and Choose to do something about aggression and violence in the United States by pursuing a practical peaceful solution.

Serve a year leading a community peace project.

Volunteer your talent and time toward a community peace project or through another Peace Through Action program.

Promote peaceful communication within your social networks and in the public square.

Uplift the spirits of people working toward peace through action through prayer, meditation, and healing.

Sponsor a community peace project where you live, learn, work, play, or pray.

Give a financial donation to support our network of community peace projects and servant leaders.

Purchase your personal merchandise through AmazonSmile and in so doing generate a charitable gift from the Amazon Foundation to Peace Through Action USA.

Connect to Peace Through Action USA on our social media platforms.

Work with Peace Through Action USA as a member of our team.

Contact Peace Through Action USA.

Our Call to Action Information Sheet

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